Improving the Home Building Process at Mathew Hall

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  • 14 Dec, 2017

At Mathew Hall, we often find homeowners looking for more education in the construction process.

That’s why our process is a much different experience from the local home improvement store.

We’ll walk you through every step of a new construction project.

The Best Tools for the Job

As one of the oldest lumber companies in the state, we know our area’s industry very well. If you need land, we can find someone to help you find the best location. If you already have a construction site, we can get you in touch with builders based on your location. 

Before construction begins, our sales team will walk through your quote. You builder will line up the necessary paperwork and permits needed to complete the job. We can also go through options for plumbers, electricians, and other subcontractors before completing your permits.

We may not do the labor in-house, but being a member of the St. Cloud community for so long definitely has its benefits. We know all the best roofers, plumbers and contractors in the area. We can help you find you a builder that fits your budget, project needs, and personality, but is also trustworthy and skillful.

Interiors and Home Additions

When it comes time to pick out products for your project, Your new construction builder will help you choose doors, shingles, railings, windows, and interiors – from flooring to lighting and everything surrounding it.

Don’t get caught aimlessly wandering around a big-box home improvement store. Enlist the experience and knowledge of a team that has done this kind of work in the area for over 125 years. Each time you come in, you’ll be greeted by the same team members who will remember your name and the details of your project.

With the experienced help of Mathew Hall, you can build from the ground up. If there is a service or product that we can’t supply for you, we know a trusted builder in the area who can.

By Mathew Hall Lumber 14 Dec, 2017

That’s why our process is a much different experience from the local home improvement store.

We’ll walk you through every step of a new construction project.

By Mathew Hall Lumber 11 Oct, 2017
As the weather cools down, contractors are usually more available to help with the work. Plus, you can get your project done before the holidays and show it off to your friends and family! If you have held off remodeling or finally finishing your home's basement, these design tips and product recommendations from Mathew Hall will get you started.
By Mathew Hall Lumber 16 Aug, 2017
At Mathew Hall, our motto is, “Treat Each Customer Like a Personal Friend,” but that sentiment goes beyond just our customers. As a member of the Central Minnesota  area for nearly 130 years, we are committed to the success and growth of our community and are proud to help support local organizations.
By Mathew Hall Lumber 21 Jul, 2017
There’s nothing quite as special as watching the Minnesota sunset from your own deck. Summer may be the prime deck-using time of year, but a quality patio will last you years and prove relaxing and enjoyable through any season.
By Mathew Hall Lumber 12 Nov, 2015
If you are looking for something to help transform your space into something more eye-catching and unique, it’s time you check out Realstone Systems . These products are ideal for both interior and exterior wall cladding, stone flooring, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens. They are made from reclaimed and recycled stone, which allows for a wide variety of uses.

Accentstone Veneer Panels combine stones in varying depths in a linear pattern to create a look of dimension. This is used for both interior and exterior projects and works best as an accent wall or backsplash.

 Shadowstone is one of the most popular because of its smooth finish and natural look. It is used mainly as accent walls and fireplaces, as well as in walkways and striking outdoor water features. 

Thinstone is the newest addition to the Realstone System. Due to the versatility of the thinly-cut stones, it is ideal for bathrooms, backsplashes, accent walls, water features, and much more. Planks are perhaps most versatile product. They can be used for any vertical surface both interior and exterior. They can also be lain in a variety of different directions to create many different looks.

Ledgestone is a rough-cut stone with a variety of different depths and textures. Ledgestone is mostly used for exterior walls, fireplaces, exterior cladding, landscaping, and outdoor kitchens.


With each style Realstone System variety, there is a variety of colors and textures to choose from and a variety of ways to incorporate them into your home. Not only is Realstone a great way to improve look but it also it long lasting, low maintenance and the variety of options created a truly unique feel. If you are looking to add a stunning work of art to your home, stop by Mathew Hall and check out the Realstone product options for yourself.

By Mathew Hall Lumber 22 Sep, 2015
Mathew Hall has been the premier provider of quality building goods, products, and services in central Minnesota and the greater Midwest for 125 years. This fall, we are taking our construction and building services abroad to housing construction projects in Israel.

Mathew Hall regularly works with local businesses and independent contractors in the Midwest region, but our company has developed relationships and provided help for businesses as far as Montana, Washington, Colorado, and Texas. Previously, we have also worked with Cold Spring Granite and Builders in Egypt by way of sending roof trusses for a mausoleum project a few years back.

This particular container will be the fourth in a series of shipments from Mathew Hall to Israel, and will have material for three different projects in various homes and phases of construction. The shipment container will travel to the East Coast by way of a truck, and from there, it will board a container ship. By the time it is put on a truck and on its way to the final destination in Israel, the whole journey will have taken three months to complete.


This current project was developed by a contractor who has worked closely with Mathew Hall Lumber Company and recommended the company to a family member in Israel. This connection exemplifies the company’s core values that focus on investing and building strong relationships with individuals and businesses. Mathew Hall Lumber Company President Loran Hall explains, “It’s an industry where what we do today is going to last a long time . . . we’re supplying building materials for homes out there that are going to last 50, 60, and 100 years. There are homes all over St. Cloud that are over 100 years old, plus [homes] that we’re involved in as employees and families. I think that’s really cool.”


In addition to building global relationships with design and construction partners, Mathew Hall has worked hard to nurture professional relationships old and new – some that date back as far as 40 years. We develop and maintain these relationships by providing quality materials with detailed specifications efficiently time and time again. We also follow construction projects from start to completion and recommend business partners through a finely-honed network of trusted construction and design partners. Over the past 125 years, Mathew Hall Lumber Company has grown and developed excellent relationships with the quality of the services and the integrity of their values, and we wish to develop more excellent connections with partners across the globe.

By Mathew Hall Lumber 10 Sep, 2015

Mathew Hall is committed to using and providing our customers with top-of-the-line products that are built to last. That is why we recommend Hallmark Floors to our customers. Mathew Hall is the only company in the area that carries the full line of Hallmark Flooring options. With classic hardwood styles and durable vinyl, you are sure to find a beautiful solution to your flooring needs.


In case you missed it, Hallmark Floors was recently featured as part of our ad in the July edition of Central Minnesota Builders Association’s On The Level:

Classic Hardwoods

Keep the look and feel of classic hardwood flooring, but take advantage of modern manufacturing. The timber from each board is produced in the midwest- Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota- and goes through rigorous lengths to maintain high standards. Hallmark is dedicated to going above and beyond industry standards in factors such as board length and true hand-distressed looks. Every piece is crafted with wholehearted workmanship and dedication.


Luxury Vinyl

For commercial and retail uses, check out Hallmark’s line of Luxury Vinyl. For a realistic wood-like look with the durability of vinyl, there is no better option. Perfect for residential and commercial use alike, Hallmark’s line of vinyl flooring looks beautiful and is made to last.


Hallmark is the fastest growing flooring company in the United States, and Mathew Hall is proud to partner with them to distribute fabulous flooring to our customers. You can find information on installation, warranties, and additional products on Hallmark’s website, or stop by Mathew Hall Lumber in Downtown St. Cloud.

By Mathew Hall Lumber 28 Jul, 2015

There is nothing better than coming home from a long days work and feeling the soft texture of carpet under your feet. Carpet can play a major role in turning your house into a comfortable oasis. With new technology, fibers, and textures, they are now softer and more durable than ever. No brand is better at creating a quality carpet than Mohawk. Let’s take a look at what makes Mohawk carpeting so amazing.


Technology and Variety

Mohawk offers 3 versions of carpets to fit your specific needs. You can choose from a stain-resistant, a wear-resistant, or a stain + wear resistant carpet.


  • The stain resistant option is great for tv rooms, bedrooms, and offices. The secret of this carpet is in the Everstrand fibers, which are made from a protected polyester. These fibers combat spills or fluids of any kind and make for an easier cleanup if any spills occur
  • The wear resistant carpet is perfect if you have children or pets. This durable carpet can withstand the heaviest of traffic. This is due to the Wear-Dated nylon fiber within, which is known for its strength and longevity. This is the carpet for you if you are looking to place it in a hallway, living room, or stairway.
  • With Mohawk, you also have the option of combining the two and getting the stain + wear resistant option. This is made from Triexta Fiber and is a no-brainer for any family who is looking for a durable carpet.


Another great option Mohawk provides is a variety of styles. Depending on your tastes, you can choose from loop, pattern, texture, or frieze (twist) style.

  • The loop style is a low-profile carpet, which gives it a clean look. This option is also very durable and is perfect for areas that see high traffic.
  • The pattern style is also great for high traffic while providing a clean look. It is called a pattern style because it is made up of varying loop and cut heights.
  • The texture style is one of the most popular due to its softness. This carpet is higher than most and is perfect for any room.
  • The frieze option is a high and twisted carpet. It is bouncy carpet and will provide the effect of springing off the ground when walked on.


Each style has a large variety of colors to choose from and each provides a great balance of softness, and durability.

So when shopping for your carpet, make sure you go with Mohawk. Stop into Mathew Hall Lumber Co. and we will help you find the perfect Mohawk carpet that fit your needs. Check out our website to learn more about our other   interior products.


By Mathew Hall Lumber 09 Jul, 2015

Do you have a backyard building project that you’ve been putting off? Is it because you don’t have the time, or is it because you dreading having to dig deep holes, pour concrete, and repair your landscape after ripping it apart to create an adequate foundation for your project? There is a simpler way to start your project off right; Diamond Pier Foundation Systems.


Useful for a number of different projects– decks, gazebos, sheds, porches, stairs, etc.– Diamond Pier Foundations give you a quick and simple solution to foundation concerns. Installation couldn’t be easier and does not require you to dig any holes or pour concrete. Simply set the pier, drive the pin, connect the brackets and voila- you have a foundation to build on in minutes, not hours or days. No need to schedule your construction around drying cement or landscaping mess!

The current standard of construction is based off 20 years of use by various public agencies across the country. Despite being so durable, Diamond Pier System piers are lightweight, making them perfect for residential use. They also come with a warranty that lasts for the lifetime of the structure. With a wide load range capacity, installing one of these systems will be a simple and efficient  way to begin your next home project.


Mathew Hall is one of the retail outlets that supply these dynamic foundation systems. Contact us today for more information, or stop by Mathew Hall Lumber offices and warehouse downtown St. Cloud to get your next project in the ground!

By Mathew Hall Lumber 29 May, 2015
There is nothing better than spending the summer in your own beautiful backyard with family, grilling delicious barbecued ribs with friends, spending a peaceful and luxurious afternoon lounging in the summer sunshine on your patio deck. That is until you remember how faded and warped the deck slats are, how rotten the railing is, and how pressure-washing it last summer created more splinters and eyesores than polish. You don’t want to spend the beginning of every summer doing maintenance and rebuilding your deck. Look to Armadillo Decking from Rhino Deck so you can enjoy your backyard as soon as summer hits.

The reason why our decking is “Easy on the eyes, tough as nails,” is that Armadillo decking is a capped wood-plastic composite manufactured from 100% recycled materials, including wood pulp and high density polyethylene plastics such as milk jugs, detergent bottles and water bottles that would otherwise pile up in landfills. It is coated with a “hard-shell” that is resistant to scuffs, color fade and playful kids. The shell provides a healthy wood appearance, and is impenetrable to fungus and termites. Available in ten warm and cool tones, Armadillo decking will add character and flair to your yard easily.


Armadillo Lite is the newest addition to Rhino Deck’s extensive variety of deck products and offers a 20% lighter feel to your backyard deck, meaning it will be easier to move and uses even less material.


Investing in durable and beautiful Armadillo decking will help you enjoy your patio and backyard with ease all while being environmentally conscious. And when you do clean it, all you need to do is regularly sweep and lightly wash it- no need to pressure wash or seal it. With plenty of easy to use components, Armadillo and Armadillo Lite decking is fairly easy to put together and simple to maintain, ensuring that you can use it for years to come.


Built with durability and environmentally conscious in mind, choosing Armadillo and Armadillo Lite Decking will be one of the greatest investments you make for your family’s enjoyment this summer. Don’t believe us? Check out how other families  have enjoyed their Armadillo decking.

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